Cleaning Heating Ducts

Cleaning heating ducts. How often and who should do it?

Your air ducts may not be something that you think about every day but keeping them clean is essential not only to your health but also to ensure that the ducts are kept in good condition. Many people wonder how often they should clean their ducts. The standard period is once every other year. However, some factors determine how often you should do it. These areas are discussed below.

Having Furry Pets
If you have pets that shed fur and dander, then you should clean your ducts every year. Ensure that you call a professional so that the job is done efficiently.

After Remodeling
Remodeling usually includes the use of different products and removal of the dry wall. The particles can clog the ducts, which is why you need to call air duct cleaning services.

After Moving Into A New Home
Building a house will require products that produce dust that will most likely enter the air ducts. It is crucial to clean them to avoid any clogging in the future.

If There Is Evidence Of Insects
Insects or small animals can often get into the air ducts and cause problems. If you notice insects getting in or out of the air ducts, then this is proof that it is time for some cleaning. Some rodents that are small in size can also enter the ducts and leave waste that can be harmful so you will need to call professionals to deal with the ducts. Insects get in especially during the rains so check the ducts after heavy rainy seasons.

Remember that duct cleaning needs to be done by an experienced service to ensure that the job is done efficiently. A good duct cleaning service should also have the equipment to ensure all dust is removed.

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