How to Change a Toilet, Step by Step.

How To Change a Toilet: Whether you happen to be replacing your existing toilet with a more efficient toilet or you simply need to replace a nonfunctional toilet, you are going to want to follow the tips below for a successful installation.

1. Measure before Purchasing.

The most important thing that you are going to want to do when it comes to having a successful installation is to make sure that you thoroughly measure before buying a brand new toilet. Nothing is worse than buying a new toilet only to find that it doesn’t fit. You will need to know the ‘rough-in’ measurement of the old toilet that you are going to be replacing. For a lot of toilets, you are going to be dealing with a waste pipe that is around 1 foot or 12 inches from the wall. Whereas, thee are some that will measure 10 or 14 inches. Therefore, it is important to check to see which one yours falls at. If your measurement along with the addition of the baseboard is not around 12 inches, you are going to have a much more difficult time shopping for toilets. Most stores that sell toilet

How to change a toilet

s will only carry the standard 12-inch variety, but you should be able to find a few models offering 10 or 14. With that said, you might have to special order a toilet in which case you should expect to spend more for it.

2. Remove Old Toilet.

Once you have purchased the new toilet that you are going to be replacing the old one with, you will need to remove the old toilet completely. The best way to do this is by turning off the water that flows to the toilet. Then, you should remove the tank lid. Once that is complete, you will want to remove the refill tube that connects from the overflow pipe and simply drain all of the water that is currently in the tank. Once this is finished, you will want to use a sponge to soak up all of the remaining water in the bowl. Afterward, you can disconnect the water supply line and remove the flapper, and it’s chain. Then, you will proceed to unscrew the bolts that are attached to the tank, and you will remove the tank from the bowl. Afterward, you can work on removing the base by unscrewing everything and removing the wax ring from the toilet.

3. Install The New One.

Place a new wax ring on the brand new toilet and try to position it as careful as possible so that it fits right on top of the drain hole. You are only going to get one opportunity at this, so you should be as accurate and careful as possible. If you happen to get it wrong or miss, you will need to replace the wax ring. Once this is complete, you simply rock the bowl back and forth until it sits completely level to the floor. You will then proceed to connect and assemble everything that you took apart in the opposite order. You should then be in a position to turn on the water and see if everything is working.

Home Depot has a great selection of toilets and they have locations everywhere.

Here is an excellent video I found to help you out.

Reasons To Replace An Old Toilet:

1. Leaks.

One of the biggest reasons to replace an old toilet is because it begins leaking. Water damage is nothing to play around with. If your toilet is suspected of causing this kind of damage, you will want to replace it immediately.

2. Poor Efficiency.

Another reason to consider replacing your toilet is if it is not operating as efficiently as you would like. You can save a lot of money and save the environment at the same time with a more efficient toilet.

Overall, replacing a toilet doesn’t have to be too difficult. There are a lot of reasons to replace an old toilet if it is either not functioning correctly or if it is simply broken. Follow the steps above in our “How To Change Toilets” article and you should have no trouble with your replacement.

If all this is way to overwhelming then just contact your local plumbing contractor. Here is a local plumber in my area that is very professional. I also found this very helpful in knowing the cost of the work.

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